Seahawks soar past hapless Giants. MLB playoffs begin today. Plus, Will LeBron & Co. actually play in Paris?

Last year, Brian Daboll and Daniel Jones were one of the league’s true feel-good stories. This year, they’re throwing tablets in disgust and getting booed off the field. The Giants arrived early last season. They won close games, avoided mistakes and got some bounces en route to the postseason. Those qualities are nowhere to be found in 2023.

Last year, the Giants kept things close, allowing them to stick to their game plan and capitalize on opponents’ mistakes. This year, they’ve been outscored by 68 points in the first half, tied for the worst by any team through four games since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger.
Last year, the Giants were 11th in turnover margin. This year, they’re tied for 30th.
Last year, Saquon Barkley — the Giants’ only above-average weapon — missed just one game (resting in Week 18) and recorded 1,650 yards from scrimmage, seventh in the league. This year, he has already missed two games — including Monday night — and is 108th in yards from scrimmage. He’s still the team’s only above-average offensive weapon.
Another thing that hasn’t changed? Jones remains historically awful in primetime. He was pretty terrible — Witherspoon took a not-so-subtle jab — but his supporting cast and especially his banged-up offensive line were even worse.

The NFL is a game of tiny margins … until you start making Giant (pun intended) mistakes. The Giants are finding out this year is not last year. Not even close.

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